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My son is learning guitar and drums with Mike and has come a long way in a short time. There is a good teaching balance of variety of music and skills development. Would definitely recommend Red Dog to a parent looking for quality teaching”October 2020 Amanda Chalk

Brilliant guitar tuition from Mike and a cracking studio/rehearsal space too”September 2020 Gary L

“My son and I have been having lessons for a year and a half now. Great service provided by MIke and Dan, would highly recommend”August 2020 Matt Bowdler

Great place, fantastic equipment and couldn’t do enough for you. Would totally recommend this place for a great jam session with the band”July 2020 Carl Heeley

“Great place to practice! All the gear is spot on and Mike is the greatest! Can’t wait to return”July 2020 Andrew Dickinson

“Mike is an amazing guitar teacher! My son is 12 and has been going for lessons for 4 years and has progressed so much creatively in that time.Mike is patient, professional and flexible and has a great attitude towards teaching which helps people enjoy the lesson but also focus on musical achievement.I can’t recommend Mike highly enough as a music teacher for kids or adults!”July 2020 Lorna Smith

Brilliant guitar tuition, studio and owner! Known Mike for several years–inspirational teacher who has worked incredibly hard to get Red Dog Studios up and running. Very highly recommend.’February 2020 Gary Lynch

‘Best sounding practice room in Chesterfield. Mike is lovely and he cares about what he does’January 2020 Damien Leighton

‘Great rooms, (Mike’s) always on hand if you need anything. Great value’January 2020 Brett Holmes

‘My daughter recorded several song and had them put onto a CD, she had an amazing time. Very friendly and the CD sounds awesome. Cannot wait to go back again. Thanks so much”October 2019 Gillian Kennie

“Mike is a fantastic teacher and has a brilliant way of explaining things no matter your level of musical knowledge. I would highly recommend Red Dog Studios whether you are a beginner or advanced musician. Keep up the good work.”October 2019 Jay Logan

“My son has been having drum lessons with Mike for almost a year now and he really enjoys them. Mike is great with him, even though (Lewis) gets anxious very easily and struggles meeting new people. He really likes Mike and looks forward to his lessons every week. Highly recommend! ‘September 2019 Sarah Fedrick

“Brilliant fun music teacher”September 2019 Beccy Dilkes

“Mike’s been teaching my son Fred (6) for the last 6 months and he really enjoys it. The studio looks great and he looks forward to it every week”September 2019 Matt Bowdler
“Sebastian is 7 and is really enjoying his guitar lessons. Mike is very patient and professional and keeps him engaged and enthusiastic throughout the session with music that Seb has shown an interest in. As an added bonus his fine motor skills and his handwriting have also improved!”
April 2019 Emma Thackery
“I highly recommend Mike, he has taught my son guitar for a few years. He is friendly and makes lessons fun. One of the few things my son will actually turn off his Playstation for!”
Jan 2019 Chris Smith
“Mike’s positive and encouraging teaching style is really motivating. My daughter’s guitar skills, not to mention her confidence in playing new songs just keeps growing. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone thinking of learning for fun or to take exams”
Feb 2019 Claire Thompson
“My son has been learning guitar with Mike for a few years and he absolutely loves it. The new studio is looking great, easy to find and parking not a problem at all. Mike is a great guy and a fantastic, patient and enthusiastic teacher. I would highly recommend.”
Feb 2019 Debbie Neale
“Excellent tutor with and extremely vast knowledge of all things musical. A superb instrumentalist, extremely talented and true guitarist. Mike is passionate teacher who gives full devotion to his students and his heart to his work-traits seldom found in today’s teachers. Choosing his tuition, you will not only learn the guitar, but an entire culture of music you were missing. Great guy as well, if you ask me.”
Jan 2014 Evan Martin
“Learned a lot from Mike on the subject of music generally and Mandolin in particular. Seems to know how to handle we ‘retired folk’!”
Jan 2014 Bob Littlewood
“Mike’s an excellent guitar teacher. He teaches both my boys, youngest lead Guitar (Grade 4….Merit!) and eldest Bass. He is full of energy and enthusiasm and really motivates the boys. They have not only learned guitar but are now able to read and understand music, so they can sit at keyboard and have a decent go! They get to learn and ply something they enjoy with a great mix of theory and fun. Can’t recommend Mike highly enough. Amazing teacher, thanks Mike”
Feb 2014 Andrea JenkinsBoysWall

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