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30th December: Hope everyone had a nice break. Happy new year for Saturday. Looking forward to having you back on Monday #newyear

21st December: Happy Christmas everyone. We hope you have a great break. Please remember we are back on the 3rd. Looking forward to seeing you all and some new faces in the New Year #Christmas #2022

10th December: Just a reminder we will be having a well deserved shutdown over Christmas from Dec 23rd to Jan 3rd.

30th October: We’ve had 16 different pupils take 18 exams this year through Rockschool and ABRSM. Pleased to announce 100% passing with Merits or Distinction. #Rockschool #ABRSM

23rd March: The phone has started ringing again (phew) we are now taking bookings for lessons, rehearsals and recording sessions. Contact us through the website, email or ring 07964 253049

22nd March 2021: There is light at the end of the tunnel. We are allowed to open for rehearsals and recording from the beginning of April and lessons are moving back to the studio shortly afterwards. A massive thank you to all our patrons for their continued support, looking forward to seeing you in the flesh soon.

5th November: Unfortunately we are having to shut the studio temporarily and all lessons will be moved to Zoom.

12th October: We’re expanding! Taking on upstairs to double our size allowing us to offer a choir, Guitar and Drum groups, as well as offering more tuition and band rehearsal space.

23rd September: To all those currently doing GCSE, BTEC and A-level courses.

If you need help it’s not too late. We have a fantastic teaching staff, with an excellent track record helping pupils through all these courses.

So whether it’s Composition, Listening, Theory, Solo/Ensemble Performances, we’re here to help and can guide you to making the most of your work and getting you the best results.

Tel: 07964 253049

17th August: As the new school year begins we always get an influx of new students wanting to start learning instruments. A number of them don’t know where to start with buying their first guitar, drum kit, bass etc so I thought I’d give some really quick advise.

1) If you don’t know whether you want an electric or acoustic kit/guitar have a lesson first. We can talk you through the differences and you can try both at the studio.

2) Go to a music shop and try everything in you price range and go for what feels best, not the coolest looking. In Chesterfield there’s Tony at Real Time Music and Sue at Clarke’s Pianos.

3) Musicians buy loads of gear so the 2nd hand market is huge and competitive, with bargains to be found. Try Gumtree or Ebay if you know what you’re looking for.

4) Be very careful of anything advertised as child’s or 1/2 sized. There are good versions but they’re not cheap and there are cheap ones which are essentially toys and not fit for purpose.

5) Our recommendations:

Electric guitar buy Squier Strat. Owned by Fender and made to a very high standard, their models range from £120-200 everyone worth it.

Acoustic guitar; there are lots to choose from but for bang for the buck I’d go with a Yamaha APX600. Yamaha have made a lot of good guitars recently their NTX and APX series especially. The APX600 is a great entry level acoustic at £250.

Electric Drums; I would go 2nd hand, especially if this is just to practice at home. Look out for ones that have a proper kick pedal rather than a triggered footswitch. If you do go new have a look at the Alesis Nitro Mesh at £350 or if you are looking 2nd hand consider the Alesis Dm6 or the Yamaha DTXpress both can be found for the £150-£200 Mark on eBay.

Acoustic Drums; if you get decent drums you can always upgrade cymbals and hardware as you go. We use Pearl Exports, Mapex M, Tama Superstar and Mapex Orion kits in the studio which all retail above £700+ (without cymbals) and all of which were bought for less that £400 including cymbals, stands, throne and extras. If you have your heart set on brand new I understand especially if its a present but be prepared to spend a lot or replace it within a few years.

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5th August: Tris from Great Bear Sound has taken up residency and done a fab job of rearranging our control room. Full weekend of recording ahead, happy days!

#Reddogstudioschesterfield #GreatBearSound #Musiclife #LearnRehearseRecord


3rd August: We are expanding and now able to offer not only Singing, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Banjo, Mandolin and Ukulele but now also Music Production! So whether you want to start home recording, improve your mixing, mic techniques or mastering we can help!

Deal for July – September 2020

10th June: We’re back, the studio is open with measures in place, staggered lessons, deep cleans, social distancing.

24th May: We are gradually inviting pupils back to the studio this week. We will be staggering lesson time, maintaining social distancing, sterilising all equipment (including handles, switches, stands, chairs etc) between lessons. We are asking parents/guardians to wait outside, pupils to wash/sanitise their hands on arrival, and bring all instruments, music, and pencils, to help us. Together we will be safe and able to continue.

1st April: Despite the studio still being closed, all lessons have been arranged through Zoom and are going really well. So well in fact, we will be adding them as a permanent addition to our services.

25th March: We are happy to offer virtual lessons using the Zoom platform. Existing pupils will be contacted directly.

23rd March: We are shut as of the 23rd March, we will review on a weekly basis in response to government guidelines regarding covid 19.

19th March: We are open as usual, for lessons, Rehearsals and Recording. We have upped our cleaning schedule and all handles, stands, sticks, light switches and plug sockets to name but a few, which are being disinfected on the hour and after every use. If you’re feeling unwell please get in touch and we will rearrange you booking free of charge. Please wash your hands and make use of the hand sanitizer available. If everyone does their bit we can keep going for as long as possible.

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Welcoming Danny Hopkinson to the team! We are now able to offer more lesson slots for Guitar, Bass and Drums. As well as introductory offers for either a free first lesson or, your first month of lessons for only £30!!!

#guitartuition #drumtuition #basstuition #Chesterfieldmusic


A big thank you to @slaughteredband for recording with us this week.


December exam results are in…. We are pleased to say everyone passed, maintaining our 100% success rate across Rockschool, TrinityRock and ABRSM. Congratulations to all those who took part.

Find us now on Twitter @Reddogstudioschesterfield #guitartuition #drumtuition #musiclessons #singinglessons #guitarlessons #Basslessons

Pleased to announce we are working with Tris from Great Bear Sounds, a great sound engineer and producer as well as a thoroughly nice guy.

Coming soon, we are pleased to offer newly available group sessions, reducing the cost of lessons as well as the benefits of being able to shared experiences.

Learn at your own pace with 3 pupils per teacher in hour long sessions. Giving you time to practice with a tutor on hand to help.

We are also offering theory, and rhythm short courses, ideal for those wanting a focused look at a particular aspect of musical understanding. Get in touch for details or to book your place now.

The end of summer is fast approaching, why not start the new school year with a new instrument, or maybe you want to kick things up a gear and those short in school lessons aren’t helping your child progress in a speedy manner…… We can help, we are experienced pros who can help you get to where you want to go, so why not get in touch now.

June is here and we’re on the run up to summer. 7 more weeks for those of you in education till the holidays. So why not sign up now to fill your down time with some musical fun. Lessons run 6 days a week, morning to evening.

Happy April! With Easter nearly here we’re offering FREE trial lessons on all instruments

Use our online contact form, give us a ring on 07964 253049

or E-mail


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